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Hi there, I’m Victoria,
a multidiscipline designer with focus on creative design solutions. I have 10 years of experience working as a creative designer. I am passionate about interactive and motion design and enjoy collaborating on interesting and meaningful projects. I hope you enjoy browsing through my work.
Selected projects
Visual Identity System
The 'Dressing the Screen' exhibition brief was set by D&AD and the British Council to create a bilingual identity system. The project demonstrates how fashion films result from collaboration between filmmakers and fashion designers. British and Russian filmmakers and fashion designers watched a short episode from 'I Want Muscle', directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock, and their eye movements were recorded and tracked. The resulting lines were colored red for British and dark red for Russian, and put together to create materials with different images and lines for a variety of fashion videos. This project won ‘Inbook' reward at D&AD.
The task was to create interactive infographics on character clichés in modern TV shows using Sherlock Holmes characters as an example. I compared the main characters from six series with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, analyzing similarities and differences. I then transferred the tables onto perforated tape and synchronized them with a music box.
3D Visuals and Animation
This project I created using Cinema 4D. I have experimented with a variety of materials, light and textures to create unique and visually striking designs, from fluid simulations to intricate models. Each piece showcases the power and versatility of 3D art, and I’m excited to redefine what’s possible in the world of computer graphics.
Kinetic typography is a form of animation that brings text to life. By utilizing movement, color, and other design elements, it can transform static words into an engaging visual experience. My kinetic typography project consists of a series of short videos that showcase the power of this technique.
Kinetic Typography
3D posters
In this project, my aim was to create a series of posters using Cinema 4D to showcase inspirational quotes from famous people. The posters were meant to be visually striking and serve as a source of inspiration to those who viewed them.
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